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Happy-Birthday-Madi-2015 by darkmorgainelefay
(AU) Her Vin's biggest reason to become a better turk: Tseng. XD :love:

Happy Birthday, :iconmadisuzymadi:  I hope your bday was really relaxing and fun!  I also hope you like this!  :huggle:

For anyone who isn't familiar with her Tseng and Vin, don't worry about the Vinners.  He sort lives for this treatment. Not only that but Tsengy doesn't give a crap. XD

Tseng:  "Here is your present, love."
Back Up Off My Vin by darkmorgainelefay
Back Up Off My Vin
AU pic for the first installment of Stolen written with :iconmadisuzymadi:.  


Excerpt for this pic:
Once Tseng and he were seated with a drink in hand, Vincent asked the question that had been on tip of his tongue since he opened the front door. “Do not take this the wrong way but may I ask why exactly you are here, Tseng?”

“What, am I not welcome?” his superior asked, raising one eyebrow and holding Vincent’s gaze. Looking away, Vincent sighed and took a deep breath, trying to steady his nerves.

“Of course you are welcome, Sir. I was just curious as to why you would take the time to come all the way out here just to visit me,” Vincent murmured, sipping on his brandy and peering at the head Turk over the rim of his glass. One side of Tseng’s lips curved up as he looked back at Vincent, taking his time in answering, as he usually did.

“I was curious and a little concerned,” Tseng finally volunteered. “Most of my men don’t take their holidays in a house in the middle of nowhere, all alone. It raised questions in my mind.”

Vincent was about to answer Tseng when a knock on the study door sounded, leaving him frozen with his mouth open as his face paled.

“Aren’t you going to answer that,” Tseng inquired with a chuckle, jolting Vincent out of his shocked state. Vincent stood quickly, his brain working overtime to try to come up with an excuse for the youth’s presence as he opened the door and looked sadly at his treasure. Yazoo’s hair was tousled and he looked so adorable standing in the doorway with his sleepy smile.

“Please, come in,” Vincent stated in defeat, knowing that it was well past the point of hiding Yazoo’s presence now.

Yazoo's brow furrowed in drowsy concern, as he noted Vincent's agitated state. “Are you al-...?” His question was cut off when he noticed a pair of dark eyes watching him from across the room past Vincent's lean form. He had come to warn Vincent, not knowing the head Turk was already inside the house. “Hello, Sir,” Yazoo greeted him, expression utterly blank before turning to flee the room, for he had blown Vincent's cover completely out of the water.


(To get an idea of how manga faces can be)
this lovely Sophie-Chan pic and this one of a Hawt bishi sticking out tongue XDD

(for the objects in the pic)
- Back of a computer monitor
- Man holding wine glass
- Turks (to get an idea of how Tsengy's boots are)
- Hawt outfit for Vinny
-flexed hand It's Darcy's from Pride and Prejudice w/Keira. XD  Was the only time I could think of a situation with tension in the hands like that.
- Man sitting on couch with legs crossed (to get an idea of Tsengy's legs.
-Torii clipart for the sword rack.  I got the idea to make the sword rack as a Torii given their Wutaian background in the fic but I don't know how common that is or if there is a proper way to display katanas.  This is simply because it's AU fiction and it appealed to me. :love:

I really hope you enjoy it, loves!! :love::love::love:  I had a great time doing this one!

AU Halloween Version 2 by darkmorgainelefay
AU Halloween Version 2
Here is version 2 with a toned down bit of blood for those of you who won't be put off by the sight of a child with blood on his face.  With Sephy as their caretaker, one never knows if it's fake or not but in this case... I'm pretty sure... it is? XD


The boys and their mommy belong to Square.  I can't seem to leave well enough alone tho. XD
AU Halloween Version 1 by darkmorgainelefay
AU Halloween Version 1
Happy Belated Halloween, everyone!! :love::love::love: 

So sorry I'm late! XDDD  The week before Halloween, I was like 'oh, next week is Halloween, my fave holiday!!  I should totally do something! XD'  I got most of it done pretty fast considering but it was more involved than I thought.  Then when I missed the deadline, I was bummed but I finished up the last tweaks this past weekend.

I really hope you like!! XD  There are going to be two versions of this.  Daj is a zombie and I wanted to make it a bit more zombie-like so I added a little blood to version 2.  There was a version 3 where it is full opacity but I found it a bit scary, especially considering he's a child and all. XD

For those of you who like Halloween too, I hope you had a wonderful weekend with lots of candy and spooks!! XDD 


Loz, Daj, Sephy, Yaz and Mommy Dearest all belong to Square Enix but the art and generously wide artistic license I took with them is all mine! :love::love::love:
Sweet Dreams by darkmorgainelefay
Sweet Dreams
Hey loves!! :love::love::love:  This is a pic I did for Gossamer and Spidersilk, written by Schwaerze (Superkalifragi/BMIK) and myself, which is now posted on AO3.  It's a mature AU Fairy Tale, featuring Yazoo, Tseng, Seph, Genesis and Rufus mainly.

In this scene, Tseng is lost in the dark forest and he's exhausted and beaten.  Needing rest, he tries to climb a tree but can't.  Yazoo extends some of the knotholes so he can climb.  I forget if I had it happen in the story or not (XDDD) but in the pic, Yazoo is healing him.

I really hope you like!! :love:



1. Sleeping pose for Tsengy
2. Tseng's clothing in Gossamer
3. The tree branch I liked best (though I don't know if it looks much like that and I forgot the knotholes. XD  There is one in the trunk that is extended but you can't really see it with the border to Faefeather in the way.)
4. I also googled images of Hawthorn trees and hands for Yazoo's.

edit: I also used special brushes for the leaves on the trees and the grass, which I totally forgot to list before:

Brush packs for vegetation:

1.Vegetals Brushesby Vincent Montreuil
2. The Ultimate Grass Brush Set and Leaves and Veggie Brush Pack by Charfade

Buuut... I don't really remember what brushes I used for what, sorry! XD :doh:  Just play around with them and see where it gets you!  I used some of Charfade's grass brushes for the ground and mainly, I wanted the vegetation brushes for the Hawthorn petals.

Hey loves!!

So I made it on here in time to vote for this and you totally should too if you have a moment!!

Here's the linky:…

She did a couple of our beloved Rems!! :love::love::love:

I hope you all are doing really well so far this Fall!! :huggle:  Enjoy!! XDD

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United States
I'm from the Midwestern US. Pleased to meet you. XD

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